Introducing FieldSET Field-Programmable LED Drivers from eldoLED!

A Better Way to Service LED Fixtures in the Field

FieldSET Field Programmable Drivers are a unique set of driver solutions from eldoLED that allow for the replacement of almost any failed driver component in existing LED fixtures. With only a few select models, you can replace obsolete and end-of-life drivers in linear, compact, and industrial luminaires.

Using FieldSET Field-Programmable Drivers is easy: choose the best FieldSET solution from our selection of nine replacement driver options and program the desired performance setting using the convenient, handheld push-button programmer. No need to connect to a computer or deal with complicated software!

The Advantages of FieldSET LED Drivers

  • FieldSET Drivers can replace 150+ drivers with only 9 SKUs
  • Solutions for indoor linear and compact fixtures and industrial/outdoor applications
  • Program your driver with desired minimum dimming and output current levels 
  • Easy push-button programming with the handheld FieldSET LED Driver Programming Tool. 

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Our FieldSET page at is your source for a
full selection of products, information, and resources such as:

Introductory FieldSET Solutions Video
FieldSET Driver Sell Sheet
Programmer User Guide
Direct links to FieldSET Product Pages


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