New Digital Maps from LocusLabs are Making Travel Easier at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

April 23, 2021 Neil Egan

Thanks to an exciting new collaboration with LocusLabs, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) guests can soon look forward to navigating the airport with upgraded digital maps featuring real-time point-of-interest data, dynamic terminal directories, and intuitive, user-friendly, mobile navigation.

Sky Harbor ranks among the nation’s top airports, consistently recognized for implementing new, innovative technologies and a strong commitment to enhancing every facet of the passenger journey within the airport and beyond. These innovations also benefit the surrounding economy; hassle-free travel brings happy customers to the area who are willing to shop, dine, and visit the many beautiful attractions Greater Phoenix has to offer.

By working in concert with LocusLabs, the leading digital mapping platform trusted by hundreds of airports and the top airlines worldwide, the Sky Harbor Website now delivers a seamless wayfinding experience across all devices. Interactive maps allow passengers to navigate terminals and explore in-depth information about their amenities directly from any web browser on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Among Sky Harbor officials’ top priorities was to provide an easier travel experience and help passengers search and navigate to places they care most about inside the airport — shops, restaurants, information kiosks, and other crucial amenities. During COVID-19, mobile devices quickly transitioned from useful to essential, providing instant access to the critical information passengers needed to begin traveling confidently.

Using the LocusMaps platform, Sky Harbor replaced their website’s static PDF maps with intuitive, accurate wayfinding software. Sky Harbor now has full control of communicating airport information and changes to passengers in real-time.

Travelers can quickly search for and navigate to check-in, security lines, open restrooms, new PPE vending machines, COVID-19 testing sites, contactless food service, or any part of the airport they might need visit, highlighting accessible route options along the way. Even better, Sky Harbor maps are also available on the mobile apps for American, Delta, United, and WestJet Airlines, all significant LocusLabs and Sky Harbor partners. 

Digital Maps: A New Frontier

“COVID- 19 intensified our efforts to help passengers feel protected and well-prepared for travel, in part by delivering critical health and safety information whenever and wherever they need to see it. Many of the world’s airports use LocusLabs technology to seamlessly deliver this crucial information to airport websites, kiosks, and displays. From before passengers arrive at the airport, to the end of their travel day, we want them to feel confident about flying again and enjoy their travel experiences.”   --Michael Fox, VP of Product, LocusLabs.

Digital maps are platforms connecting travelers, airlines, and operations to critical and actionable information in real-time. But travelers are not the only parties benefiting from these innovations - airport staff and airline employees need to know an airport’s spaces and assets, especially when assisting passengers or analyzing operating budgets. Non-aeronautical revenue such as travel-related retail, parking, and property development make up 40% of airport revenue.

Passengers having difficulty finding stores, dining options, or even vending machines leads to a less-than-desirable travel experience and negatively impacts airport revenue. Sky Harbor’s wayfinding technology encourages guests to explore the airport, enhancing the discoverability of amenities beyond their boarding gates and offering a richer and more informed overall experience.

LocusLabs™ uses spatial data and indoor maps to reshape the way people operate, work in, and experience spaces. Its trusted digital solutions, including the flagship product LocusMaps, simplify navigation and discovery. LocusLabs brings the world’s largest built spaces to life. Acuity Brands expanded its Atrius® business group with the LocusLabs product line in November 2019.

Visit LocusLabs for more information.



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