Philadelphia Energy Authority Selects AEL Streetlights for Philadelphia Streetlight Improvement Project

September 12, 2023 Rachael J Richards

Two-year, citywide program will convert 130,000 high-pressure sodium streetlights into a network of more efficient, longer-lasting LED lights.

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) has selected American Electric Lighting (AEL) as a major supplier for its Philadelphia Streetlight Improvement Project (PSIP). The citywide project will replace and connect approximately 130,000 streetlights into a network of more efficient, longer-lasting, remotely controlled LED lights. 

The selection of AEL products was the result of a detailed procurement process managed by Ameresco, a clean energy partner selected by the PEA to implement this comprehensive energy efficiency solution and infrastructure upgrade across the entire project. AEL will be supplying approximately 100,000 new cobra-style and residential post-top LED streetlights for the PSIP.

According to the PEA, the 24-month construction project will reduce streetlighting energy use by more than 50 percent and is expected to reduce municipal carbon emissions by more than 9 percent. The $91.2MM citywide improvement project is anticipated to ultimately be cost neutral over the 20-year financing period, due to energy savings, avoided operations and maintenance costs, and utility rebates.

A majority of the project’s streetlights from AEL will be its new AutoConnect™ LED luminaires, which combine visually comfortable performance with a wide assortment of embedded and field-installed lighting controls and sensor technologies. These work together to improve energy savings, provide enhanced operations and diagnostics, and simplify asset management.

AutoConnect streetlights are equipped with intelligent DALI® D4i™ drivers, which will communicate directly to a third-party secure network that can remotely control the lights. This level of connectivity will enable the City to receive instantaneous updates on outages and to have the ability to dim and brighten fixtures. In addition, the DALI compliant drivers will easily allow for future deployment of service and capability upgrades and add-on accessories as needed.

Visit AutoConnect LED luminaires for more information.

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