"Expanding the boundaries of lighting™" - A Closer Look at Our Innovation Journey and Path

March 30, 2020

As a company, Acuity Brands has sought over its history to continually innovate new products and services for our customers by Expanding the boundaries of lighting™. Our objectives always remain the same: to anticipate what customers need and then provide solutions that can help take their businesses to the next level. This can mean providing new architectural lighting or HVAC controls for a building renovation or providing building technology to help connect with building occupants.

In recent history, we have advanced lighting from a standard luminaire that simply illuminates a space to an energy-saving, smart LED that is embedded with new technologies. These technologies can do everything from providing advanced dimming and lighting controls to establishing a foundation for indoor location services through our embedded drivers, beacons and network connections made possible by our lighting or Building Management Systems (BMS) platforms.

Our smart, connected products and software yield data that can be analyzed to provide clarity on how occupants are interacting with building spaces and how the building systems are operating and performing. And, as new opportunities and obstacles present themselves for our customers, we rise to the occasion. By creating, ideating and ultimately bringing to market new products and solutions that work independently or together with other integrated or unified solutions, Acuity Brands connected lighting and controls are used as a platform for the built environment.

Our tiered strategy has been developed to establish and evolve the core competencies across our business, which we continually invest in to help us anticipate the needs of our customers. The tiered strategy aligns our path and drives our transformation.

Tier 1: Develop and acquire standard luminaires and offboard controls to ensure we have the right products to provide solutions to our customers

Tier 2: Embed controls to create smart, connected luminaires for our integrated solution offering for our customers 

Tier 3: Provide system solutions for intelligent product control and monitoring, including networked devices, controls and software such as location-based services

Tier 4: Create platform services from IoT-based data for value-added applications that provide customer-focused solutions that maximize the Total Cost of Ownership from the analytics and building management and IoT/software platform 

To provide insight and perspective on our innovation journey, we have launched an innovation webpage that highlights and illustrates our story. The webpage includes the tiered strategy that drives our innovation, our technology development timeline and other important stories that have helped shape our path. We invite you to view this new page and get a closer look at innovation at Acuity Brands.




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