Digital Transformation is More Urgent Than Ever Before

March 31, 2020


Getting Started During a Year of Challenges

For business owners, 2020 is already proving itself to be a year of challenge and change. Not only have these challenges required our immediate attention, it is also more change than any of us expected in our preliminary planning and forecasting. However, with change comes opportunity, and with opportunity there is a unique window for reevaluation of the business model, adjusting operations, shoring up security and scaling up with unified systems. Businesses looking to start a digital transformation project for their building spaces may find that now is the time.

At Acuity Brands, we encourage our customers to implement a solution that will align with your most important goals and one that offers a return on investment to support future digital initiatives, not just the goals for today. Many of our customers that have installed digitally connected LED luminaires in their facilities now have the infrastructure and return-on-investment data required to fuel and fund their digital transformation. The energy savings and operational costs savings from LED luminaires demonstrates that the organization is ready to take the next step in their digital transformation journey, which is made easier through the foundation provided by lighting.

By deploying digital technologies such as Atrius®-enabled digitally connected LEDs, networked controls and sensors, customers receive a sensory network that addresses energy efficiency, provides comfort and enables data collection when paired with the indoor location services system (ILS). Indoor location services are defined as components including the software, hardware and services that when combined establish location services for people, assets or other items. Additionally, the resulting sensory network can be integrated with building and facility systems (such as a BMS) for greater facility and operational site maintenance and management, in addition to supporting other IoT devices and initiatives. The sensory network is ready when the customer is ready to deploy their next round of digital projects, which often are done in phases.

The sensory network can also be combined with software services that deepen spatial, behavioral and building analysis including:

  • Atrius Assets (APIs): cloud-based asset tracking and management software that optimizes workflows, space layouts and equipment utilization for precise asset tracking, pathing and alert monitoring
  • Atrius Insights: the web-based analytics dashboard that makes spatial relationships more understandable and actionable for businesses
  • Atrius Navigator: enhances mobile apps with accurate wayfinding, point of interest search and location-based interactions for a more robust end-user experience.
  • Distech Controls™: building automation systems and energy management platforms
  • BuildingOS®:  building energy management and analytics platform for commercial office portfolios
  • LocusMaps: a connected mapping solution with search, wayfinding, and simple self-serve map management for venue operators

From these compatible solutions, businesses can learn more about their operations and make adjustments using real-time, collected data that can be analyzed to inform operational effectiveness and building occupancy, set to monitor assets or inventory and assist with the in-store customer experience. Thus, empowering businesses to be prepared for today and adaptable to the changes and anticipations of the future. To learn more about utilizing a secure sensory network to advance your business, read our latest article "Using Lighting and BMS to Advance Your Business" in

Thinking about location services for your building? Visit the Atrius IOT Solutions webpage for more information.

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