Create a Smarter Facility with Networked Lighting Controls Technology

October 22, 2019

Applications for Commercial Building and Campus Renovation Projects

Conversations about fundamental systems in the facility are taking center stage for renovation projects. When lighting is involved, there’s an opportunity to include digital technologies such as networked controls. This will result in reducing a facility’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which greatly benefits from smart building technologies to drive efficiencies of core building systems.

The nLight lighting controls platform creates a smart wired or wireless network within a space or facility.

It evolves with building and business needs to support connection with additional systems while controlling, monitoring and integrating with the lighting and building management systems (BMS). Read more about this innovative product.

One way to spearhead innovation is to install a low bandwidth connection across a building, which enables businesses to capitalize on many opportunities for improvement derived from building data. By providing real-time business insights to address challenges like customer relationship management, maintenance predictions, and product/service intelligence, IoT solutions are offering a more complete picture to stakeholders (Forrester, Use IoT To Link Physical Operations And Digital Business”, 2018). According to Forrester, “IoT creates new data about the physical world that all companies can use to boost digital processes.”

In the recent ARCVIEW, authored by Jim Frazer from ARC Web, Frazer states “Acuity Brands’ nLight® software and hardware suite is designed to offer a dramatic new approach to project planning that addresses the total cost of ownership (TCO) and sustainability objectives for all stakeholders, while helping projects to be delivered on-schedule and under-budget.”

Download a free report, courtesy of Acuity Brands: “Use IoT to Link Physical Operations and Digital Business”


About Trevor Palmer, SVP Digital Lighting Networks

In his 20+ year industry tenure, Trevor Palmer has held several leadership positions from technical sales and contracting to marketing and product development in the HVAC and lighting controls field. He is instrumental in positioning Acuity Brands as an industry leader in connected building and lighting control networks, while guiding the company’s strategic development, market expansion and product line diversification.

In his current role, Trevor as SVP Digital Lighting Networks, he drives product marketing, engineering and customer experiences for the entire Acuity Brands business. He is recognized as a building systems expert throughout North America and Europe.


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