Expanding the Atrius IoT Partner Network to Support Digital Manufacturing

October 17, 2019

C5MI Agreement Enhances Atrius® Location-Based Services for Manufacturing Industry

C5MI, a technology consulting firm, has joined the Atrius® Internet of Things Partner ecosystem as a development partner and reseller. The partnership will extend Atrius location-based services into digital manufacturing or Industry 4.0, which empowers smarter manufacturing practices and improves business efficiency by connecting manufacturing machines and systems. Implementing Industry 4.0 technologies into a business can help to optimize manufacturing processes, maintain competitiveness and increase growth potential.


Why Do Location-Based Services Matter to Manufacturers?

Today, manufacturers are looking to implement smarter industrial processes. Whether the goal is to enhance productivity, reduce waste or improve asset and equipment performance, innovative technologies like Atrius location-based solutions can help. Real-time tracking through location-based technology allows manufacturers to retrieve data that supports operational changes and execution so that manufacturers can accurately track production time, downtime and latency.

With Atrius location-based services, real-time monitoring of assets occurs through Bluetooth® Low Energy connected luminaires that transmit data received from tags/sensors installed on assets such as equipment and tools. This constant stream of information is sent to C5MI’s Live FactorySM software, which connects the manufacturing facility to the operations staff. The software provides Common Operational Picture (COP) data insights and real-time monitoring to keep the plant leadership informed so they can make operating plan adjustments while minimizing disruptions in productivity.

As reported by Forrester, it is important to business operations to bridge the IoT divide on the operations side and information technology sides to maximize their combined impact (Forrester Insights Blog: Manufacturers’ Digital Transformation Will Fail Without Both IT And OT, Paul Miller, July 2019).

How Can My Organization Get Started?

First, look at the data you currently have and take into consideration where in the manufacturing process implementing changes would make sense. Then consider where implementing smart manufacturing practices in conjunction with a renovation project would be helpful. If you are in the process of updating your facility, carefully consider both the long and short-term goals of your manufacturing floor as well as any possible future improvements.

A technology consultant like C5MI can help you determine which Industry 4.0 technology solutions would be most appropriate to deploy in your manufacturing operations for your business. By installing Atrius-ready luminaires in a renovation project now, the organization is ready to collect data to employ more IoT solutions later. That’s because the foundational infrastructure will already be in place, eliminating the need for a separate deployment project. These solutions can also scale and deploy for large enterprises over time as budgets allow.

To learn more about the partnership, read the press release.

For more information on Atrius IoT solutions and the Atrius IoT Partner Program, please visit: www.acuitybrands.com/atrius.



Josh Linenberger

Vice President, Applied Solutions Sales

Acuity Brands, Inc.    

Josh Linenberger is the current Vice President of Applied Solutions Sales at Acuity Brands, Inc. He brings 15+ years of experience not only in traditional lighting, but LED luminaires to digital technologies and software solutions. He serves a pivotal advisory role with key customers in aviation, healthcare, light industrial and other verticals, upgrading or retrofitting their existing lighting network with IoT capabilities. Businesses trust Josh to provide in-depth consultation for their building spaces and campuses.


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