Fully Switchable BLT Discontinued

October 28, 2021 Kendall Pavey

 Fully Switchable BLT is Discontinued, Replaced by STACK SwitchTM

On December 1, 2021, the BLT Lay-in will no longer be available for order with the Adjustable Lumen Output (ALO) and Switchable color temperature (SWW) option. We continue to take orders until the current stock is depleted.

But don't worry! If you love fully switchable technology in your center-element lay-ins, we have something new to take the place of switchable BLT. 

The next generation of center-element lay-ins is now available: introducing STACK SwitchTM! With three adjustable lumen output options and three switchable color temperatures all built into the STACK Switch driver box, this product has better performance and upgraded aesthetics for all your switchable recessed lay-in needs.

2x2 STACK Switch Product Image


BLT Series Product Page 

STACK Switch Product Page

STACK Switch Spec Sheet 

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