CPX Has Expanded its Configurations, Adds 1% Dimming, Dual Whips and ISO 5-9 Rating

January 5, 2022 Kendall Pavey

CPX Continues to Expand its Configurations 

Lithonia Lighting® continues to grow our CPX offerings and expand its certifications to meet client and project expectations. We are starting 2022 off strong by adding dual whips, 1% dimming options, and an ISO 5-9 rating! 

Dual Whips - We are making it even easier to save time on installation by now offering an even wider variety of whips. Selecting a configuration with more power whip options can give installers even more flexibility on the job site. See our most current listing of optional power whips below.

1% Dimming - We are also now offering 1% dimming which will allow the light in the space to be set at even greater minimal light intensity levels. This level of dimming can result in energy savings, extended life of the LED fixture itself, and provide significant cost savings to the building owner in the long run. 

ISO 5-9 Rating - More and more commercial indoor products are getting cleanroom certified, and CPX has officially joined the club! This certification means the fixture complies with the stringent standards of cleanliness required in applications like electronic and medical manufacturing and other industries where contamination would ruin products or harm people. 

These new additions contribute to the one hundred thousand configurations of CPX that are  available to order today! 

CPX Whip Options:

PWS1836 6’ pre-wire, 3/8” diameter, 18 gauge, 1 circuit

PWS1846 6’ pre-wire, 3/8” diameter, 18 gauge, 2 circuit

PWS1856LV 6’ pre-wire, 3/8” diameter, 18 gauge, 2 circuit 1 circuit with low voltage

PWS1846 PWSLV Two cables: one 6' pre-wire, 3/8” diameter, 18 gauge, 2 circuits; one 6' pre-wire, 3/8” diameter, 18 gauge

CPX Dimming Options:

Min 10 Dims to 10%

Min 1 Dims to 1%


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