Introducing IOTA® ILBLP Cold Weather Solutions

January 17, 2024 Daren Hatfield

New Levels of Performance for Outdoor Emergency Egress Lighting

IOTA has introduced two new emergency driver solutions designed to deliver confident emergency capability for outdoor fixtures. The ILBLP "CW" products offer two levels of emergency illumination (18 watt / 7 watt) to match the requirements of your outdoor egress application. All three emergency driver options are designed for emergency performance down to -20°C and include an IP-rated indicator and test switch.

Featuring the Full Advantages of IOTA ILBLP Series Solutions

These latest Cold Weather emergency drivers include the performance features IOTA's ILBLP are known for:

  •  Self-Diagnostics - ILBLP CW products automatically conduct the code-required monthly and annual tests.
  • AC Activate - no manual battery connections are required after installation, making them ideal for sealed outdoor fixtures. Learn more about AC Activate here!
  • CA Title 20 - Designed to meet Title 20 energy requirements and registered in the MAEDBS (Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database).

Product Resources

Find more ILBLP Cold Weather emergency driver details below:
ILBLP SP18 HE SD LC CW:  WebsiteSpec Sheet
ILBLP SP07 HE SD LC CW:  WebsiteSpec Sheet

For more information on these and other IOTA emergency lighting solutions, visit or contact us at

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