AC Activate on Select IOTA® Emergency Products

July 21, 2023 Daren Hatfield

AC Activate is a smarter, simpler way to install and initialize your emergency lighting.

What exactly is AC Activate? AC Activate is an intelligent circuit design that detects the presence of AC power needed to charge the internal batteries of an emergency driver. This eliminates the need for physical battery connecters that must be manually connected or disconnected to prevent the battery from entering a discharge or “emergency” state when not desired (ie. before installation.) The advanced design of AC Activate offers several advantages for installation of your emergency equipment.


To find out more about the advantages of AC Activate and which IOTA products include this beneficial design, see our new IOTA AC Activate Sell Sheet which has been recently updated to include our ILB2H and ILBHI 2H Two-Hour Operation Emergency Drivers!


This sell sheet can also be accessed in the Marketing Materials section of associated IOTA emergency driver product webpages.

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