Going “Beyond the Grid” with RUBIK™

February 6, 2017 Acuity News

Grid ceiling lighting has always presented creative challenges for lighting designers.  Grid ceilings are highly functional, but in the past, we rarely had the opportunity to take advantage of the grid pattern.

There is good news on the grid lighting front: a new lighting solution that lets designers combine the familiar with the unexpected.  We’ve harnessed dynamic lighting features like tunable white, grayscale and color accent in a recessed luminaire that allows  designers to think “beyond the grid,” with almost limitless possibilities.

We call it RUBIK™.  When you see it, you’ll understand why.

RUBIK luminaires can be arranged in traditional layouts or positioned to create unique geometric, clustered, or free-form patterns -- without modifying the ceiling.  You can create distinctive designs with four luminous styles.  White delivers volumetric lighting with a fresh, modern aesthetic. Tunable white creates modes for optimal occupant experience and performance – including a versatile skylight-like, time-of-day effect. Grayscale offers a new way to light spaces with a sense of distinction and playfulness. Color accent adds the impact of color from pastels to deeply saturated stained glass-like colors, without colorizing the illumination of the space.

These compelling lighting effects were previously only achievable with complex theatrical DMX systems. But with RUBIK luminaires, they are highly accessible by way of our popular nLight® mainstream control network.

RUBIK luminaires employ two fascinating new to the industry lighting techniques: Reciprocal Dynamics coordinates dimming and brightening of various portions of a luminaire to create a dynamic luminous effect  while providing a constant lighting level; and Simultaneous Contrast  is used to purposefully alter the perceived brightness of both white and colored light based on the brightness of surrounding areas.

It used to be hard to imagine making a design statement with a grid ceiling.   RUBIK luminaires from Mark Architectural Lighting™ let designers rethink the grid with bold and beautiful design concepts. 

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