Introducing the Care Collection: Curated Lighting for the Unique Needs of Healthcare Facilities

March 18, 2024 Rachael J Richards

Care Collection is a portfolio of trusted and vetted lighting and lighting controls solutions across Acuity Brands to enable the simple selection and specification of products that can address the unique needs of healthcare facilities. 

With a focus on simplicity, reliability, and patient care, the Care Collection luminaires and controls are specifically vetted for use in healthcare facilities such as ambulatory care (urgent cares, medical office buildings, surgery centers, and clinics), hospitals, senior living and long-term care facilities, and behavioral health. 

Key features of the Care Collection include: 

Simple Selection: With a portfolio spanning across Acuity Brands, the Care Collection serves as a single destination for healthcare professionals to find the right lighting products for their projects. Users can easily navigate the collection using filters based on their project's criteria, streamlining the selection process.

Trusted and Vetted Solutions: Leveraging Acuity Brands' reputation for technology, quality, and durability, every luminaire and control in the Care Collection is vetted to ensure reliable maintenance and serviceability, consistent long-term performance, and compliance with specific listings and requirements for various patient treatment areas.

Additionally, products feature lensed construction to withstand rigorous cleaning protocols, Care Collection lighting solutions are compatible with existing control systems, nLight® Wired and Wireless systems for campus wide control on a single platform, and embedded control options for quick, smart and easy specification, installation and use.

Designed for Patient Care: Beyond illumination, the Care Collection prioritizes solutions that enhance the patient experience and support caregiver effectiveness, with features such as low Unified Glare Ratings, patient control, tunable white, and intentional task illumination to improve visibility for caregivers. Technologies integrated into the collection include tunable white, pathogen control technology, low unified glare ratings, embedded lighting controls, and specialty color options. 

For more information about the Care Collection and to explore the full range of lighting and controls solutions visit: Care Collection.

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