ECs: Stay Under the Ceiling to Win the Renovation Game

September 26, 2017 Neil Egan

Lighting renovation is hot. The extraordinary demand for lighting renovations is driving about 2/3 of all lighting business these days. With 5.6 billion non-LED luminaires in North America awaiting upgrades, the windfall for electrical contractors (ECs) may extend for years to come.

But ECs often hit more than the physical ceiling when taking on renovation projects. There’s a resource ceiling as well.  A chronic labor shortage is blocking ECs from maximizing their growth prospects. According to a survey from Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America, 70 percent of construction companies are struggling to find enough hourly craft workers to get the job done.

So, finding success in this buyer’s market for lighting means doing one of two things: find more workers, or work smarter.

We can help with the smart part.

Our wide range of Acuity Brands renovation lighting, controls and daylighting solutions enable ECs to efficiently replace existing fixtures with LEDs and other energy-efficient products in a fraction of the time.

For instance, our recessed lighting solutions mean your teams can handle all upgrades from below the ceiling, eliminating the more costly and time-consuming jobs that drive workers above the ceiling. In fact, our BLTR Series LED Relight Assembly provides quick, easy installation into most existing standard troffer luminaires, not to mention the look, feel and performance of a full fixture replacement at a fraction of the cost – reducing installation cost and materials. Additionally, the series includes wireless controls options to further enhance your space.

Plus, we can get you the goods fast. Our LightQuick® shipping program ensures 2-day shipment on over 100,000 stock and made-to-order Acuity products. That will keep your crews working, not sitting idly while waiting for materials.

Don’t let labor challenges keep you up in the rafters. A robust renovation program that uses efficient, quick install products can keep you under the ceiling and onto the next job. Learn more about our renovation solutions here

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