nLight® Specification Now in MasterSpec®


We are pleased to announce nLight® has joined MasterSpec® to make writing lighting control specifications easier!  MasterSpec is the only product selection tool that provides the design professional unbiased, objective information on building products written by professional architects and electrical engineers.   

We have partnered with MasterSpec by Deltek Specpoint® to create an updated nLight specification on MasterSpec.  The specification language update includes many different changes and conforms more closely to modern AIA practices than our previous specification. 

As part of this update, we have released three different specifications to MasterSpec: 

  • 260923 (Lighting Control Devices) – Standalone nLight Wired and nLight AIR 

  • 260943.13 (Digital Network Lighting Controls) – Networked nLight Wired and nLight AIR 

  • 260943.19 (Wireless Network Lighting Controls) – Networked nLight AIR Only 

In addition to the specification language being directly available on the MasterSpec product listings page, users can also find links to our listing on the nLight Specification Tools page.


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