Hydrel Adds Low Voltage Options to 4426 Underwater Luminaires Series

 Available in base mount or wet niche mount for fountains and water feature applications

Atlanta, GA, May 15, 2024 Hydrel (www.hydrel.com), an established innovator and provider of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products, today expanded its 4426 underwater luminaires series for fountain and water features by introducing low-voltage options. This enhances Hydrel's already most varied line of underwater fixtures in the industry. Fixtures include niche and base-mounted lights for fountains, water features and reflecting pools, special fixtures for wet/dry applications, and swimming pool lights. These underwater luminaires also apply for fresh and saltwater applications.

Hydrel's 4426 series of heavy-duty, cast bronze underwater luminaires provides superior lumen maintenance and optimized energy performance, offering 100,000+ hours of operation. The 4426 LED FTN LV is a 12-volt wet niche mount with a convex linear spread lens and twist and lock mounting for ease of installation. The 4426 LED BM LV is a 12-volt wet/dry mount with a flat, clear lens and integral yoke for fixture aiming. Both low-voltage luminaires help to reduce operating costs over their lifetimes.

Each luminaire is available in static white, monochromatic colors, or limited wavelength amber, with flood or wide flood distribution options. Depending on the options selected, the 4426 fixture delivers up to 1640 lumens with dimming controls to 40% with a standard reverse-phase magnetic dimmer.

Full details about 4426 underwater fountain lights are available here.

About Hydrel

Hydrel, a brand within the Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls portfolio, is a premier brand of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products which incorporate innovative sealing capabilities, superior materials, and long-lasting finishes. Its luminaires can withstand decades of use with minimal maintenance and unmatched structural integrity. Committed to lighting performance for over six decades, Hydrel utilizes the most advanced sources and optics to create a wide variety of lighting effects. Combining today's smaller, more efficient sources with precision optical platforms, Hydrel achieves photometric performance seldom experienced in outdoor lighting – a soft, uniform illumination that is noticeably superior. Visit at www.hydrel.com

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