SPANL™ is Here! Check Out What All the Fuss is About.

There are flat panels, and then there is SPANL™.  

SPANL is designed to elevate your space with 360° volumetric distribution for unmatched coverage or 3D optics which create a unique look and feel. Engaging and one of-a-kind, SPANL commits to premier materials for premier quality of light.

The 360° Volumetric SPANL revolutionizes the industry by defying the limits of standard lambertian distribution and evenly illuminating all walls and workspaces.

The 3D Center Basket SPANL has a completely smooth surface with the illusion of troffer depth. The 3D Frame SPANL also has a completely smooth surface but with the illusion of coffer depth. The proprietary optics in both 3D SPANL options reduce glare while still offering complete uniformity.


Intrigued? Experience SPANL Today!


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