Introducing the Updated and Improved Lithonia® Linear!

November 27, 2023 Hannah Higerd

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the next wave of Lithonia® Linear!!

The minimalist luminaire that is specifically crafted to suspend in open ceiling spaces, Lithonia® Linear is perfect for offices, schools, retail, mixed use and renovated spaces.

And above all, Lithonia® Linear is the ideal linear solution that fits every budget!

Suspended. Linear. Affordable. 

Check out the New Product Video HERE!

Lithonia® Linear features an aesthetic design that is also built to perform. Available now in 4, 8, and 16 foot lengths and three finish options as well as two power drop options and sliding air-craft cables, Lithonia® Linear provides a solution for many modern applications.

And Lithonia® Linear offers Integrated Controls Options within the SensorSwitch™ and nLight® wired and nLight® AIR Controls Platforms.

Key Design Details: 

  • Suspend in Any Ceiling - Lithonia® Linear accommodates various ceiling types and heights of up to 20 feet
  • Sliding Brackets can be moved anywhere on the back of the fixture for maximum versatility during installation
  • Lightweight - The 4ft fixture weighs 6lbs, the 8ft fixture weighs 8lbs, and the 16ft fixture weighs only 12lbs allowing for simpler installation and less time on the job
  • 13% Uplight - Just the right amount of light eliminates cave effect in dark ceiling planes or open ceiling spaces
  • Produced in North America

For more information and to explore all of the new assets, please visit the new

Lithonia® Linear Family Page!

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