New Dark to Light® DEP Photocontrol

August 24, 2023 Nicole Sanborn

DTL® DEP Embedded Photocontrol

The DEP from Dark to Light is an embedded, low voltage photocontrol offering reliable dusk-to-dawn control and a 20+ year operating life.


Product Features:

  • Low voltage operation for enhanced reliability
  • Luminaire embedded, offering better fit while simplifying supply chain management 
  • Low profile robust mechanical design with IK08 impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure
  • Integrated lens body with IP65 rating for optimum ingress protection
  • Wide temperature operating range gives peace of mind: -40 to +70C with 140C interface operating temperature
  • Precise digital switching with DALI® commands 
  • D4i™ digital driver or LEDcode driver interface
  • Optional Digital Field Adjustable Output (FAO)​ variant allows tweaking of lumen output in the factory or field
  • Available with the AutoConnect™ family of luminaires from American Electric Lighting® today! The DTL DEP is listed as the DC Connect™ controls option for the AutoConnect family.

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