A Great New Online Tool! Save Time Developing a Sequence of Operation

February 4, 2020 Stephen Zoeller

Methodik™ generates an exportable sequence of operations table for common space types based on code and building type, which makes it easier than ever to capture how a space is meant to be controlled.  If a user isn’t fully satisfied with what’s automatically generated by Methodik, each generated field can be updated or removed, and the user can add their own space types and performance requirements.  The finished product can be exported to CSV or DXF format for record and inclusion on a set of drawings, saved for future use in Methodik as a JSON file, or used to create space-specific solutions. 

Not sure what fixtures are commonly integrated with controls in a private office, classroom, corridor, or parking garage? Methodik has the answer to all of those, and that information is presented in a print-friendly PDF format for record purposes.  

Methodik uses the information for how controls in a space are meant to perform and converts that information into a solution of compatible controls and fixtures. 

Further, it presents varying levels of fixture and controls:

  • Integration—fully integrated
  • Partially integrated with sensors separate
  • Completely separate

Give it a try today by clicking here

Visit the Methodik page to see the benefits and watch a quick demo video

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