nLight ECLYPSE System Controller

March 1, 2017 Stephen Zoeller


The Smart Lighting Controller That Just Got Smarter

Launch Date:

March 2017

nLight ECLYPSE extends the power of nLight® to deliver the next level of lighting control. This BTL listed B-BC controller leverages native BACnet™/IP and WiFi to let you seamlessly integrate your lighting control system with your building management system. With its robust embedded web server, nLight ECLYPSE hosts edge applications and generates actionable, visual data with ENVYSION user interface. nLight ECLYPSE is lighting control…only smarter.


  • CONTROL: Discover nLight and XPoint™ Wireless devices with SensorView software to monitor and configure wired and wireless lighting systems; see system health of nLight connected devices with nLight Explorer edge application
  • OPEN: BTL listed as a BACnet™ Building Controller, nLight ECLYPSE provides predictable and seamless integration to building management systems
  • SCALABLE: Native BACnet/IP means you don’t need a gateway. Integrate now or in the future — your lighting control solution is always “open” to building management systems, and can grow with your business needs
  • POWERFUL: Features an embedded web server for hosting edge applications and ENVYSION HTML 5, responsive visualization user interface
  • SECURE: TLS/SSL and RADIUS authentication support for reliable, proven protection of your most sensitive data
  • MULTI-LINGUAL: Multiple communication protocols, like BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP and Modbus, make it easier to integrate into existing building automation systems and add functionality for edge applications such as metering • WIRED OR WIRELESS: IP connectivity gives you the speed and bandwidth for multiple technology integration. And you can connect from anywhere!

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