Lithonia Lighting EU2L and ECC - Emergency Lighting

June 4, 2018 Nsenga Hickman

Low-Profile, High Performance, Low Cost

Lithonia Lighting® emergency lighting products continue to prove reliable and affordable. The new EU2L emergency light and ECC emergency light and exit combination are designed for installation in small spaces at low mounting heights while providing 90 minutes of illumination upon the loss of AC power. 

Key Features:

  • Some of the smallest form factors available on the market today
  • Small, unobtrusive lamp heads, lower overall profiles and improved day-form aesthetics
  • Luminaire spacing performance remains equivalent to the existing EU2 LED, ECR/ECG and ELA LED
  • New EU2L is compliant to the new maximum wattage consumption requirements of California Energy Commission Title 20 for Small Battery Chargers – Section 1605.3(W)(4) for battery back-up and uninterruptible power suppliers

Auto-conversion begins today on the “Current” EU2 LED and ECR/ECG to the “New” EU2L, ECC.

Helpful Links:

Sell Sheet | EU2L Spec SheetECC Spec SheetERE Spec Sheet

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