INDL and EXTL Emergency Lighting Built Tough for Demanding Environments

Superior-performance emergency lights INDL, INDRE, EXTL, and EXTLRE are built tough for light, heavy and demanding environments with lamp heads ideally suited for maximum spacing at higher mounting heights.

These industry leading products bring the latest in LED optical performance, battery technology, circuit board design, input and charging circuitry, and embedded software. All are tested and approved to the toughest internal, industry, and Life Safety standards.







Key Improvements and Features Include:

  • 50% to 80% optical performance improvements utilizing ABL standard high-volume LEDs
  • Three LED lumen packages to accommodate most mounting and spacing requirements
  • Standard temperature ratings of 32-122°F (0-50°C) with Cold Weather Options to meet -22 to 122°F (-30 to 50°C)
  • Standard premium electronics package with lithium iron phosphate batteries, self-diagnostics and remote testing, and constant light output
  • Three battery capacities for running remote loads or achieving extended run-times

Future Improvements

  • Addition of wet location of the INDL family
  • USPOM versions

Helpful Links:

Spec Sheet | Sell Sheet | Instruction Sheet | FAQ | IND - INDL Old-to-New Crossover | INDX -EXTL Crossover

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