Introducing IOTA® Emergency Drivers for 347-480VAC

September 18, 2020 Daren Hatfield

IOTA Emergency Drivers for 347-480VAC Applications

The IOTA® ILBHI HV Series is the first emergency driver to bring IOTA's patented Constant Power performance to 347-480VAC applications. The ILBHI HV Series accepts incoming high-voltage AC power to operate 55-250VDC LED luminaires for the code-required 90 minutes during a loss of normal power. The 347-480VAC input eliminates the need for step-down transformers commonly used with emergency drivers in high-voltage installations. Two ILBHI HV constant power models are available - 20W and 30W - for delivering impressive egress illumination levels that remain consistent and undiminished for the full emergency runtime.

Additional benefits of IOTA ILBHI HV emergency drivers include:

  • Wide Auto-Sense forward voltage provides compatibility with 55 to 250VDC LEDs
  • Self-diagnostic electronics automatically conduct monthly and annual tests
  • Advanced LiFePO4 battery technology minimizes size and weight
  • High-efficiency design meets CA Title 20 energy performance standards for battery chargers
  • UL Listed for both field and factory installation in the U.S. and Canada
  • 5-Year Warranty

To learn more IOTA's ILBHI HV emergency drivers, read our Product Spotlight or find detailed product specifications below at:

ILBHI CP20 HE SD HV : Product Page 

ILBHI CP30 HE SD HV : Product Page 



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