Visually Comfortable Roadway Lighting with DualOptix

March 3, 2021 Tom Pierce

Introducing Autobahn DualOptix roadway lighting technology

With the advent of LED technology in roadway lighting, the debate regarding glare and visual comfort has become more and more heated. Utilities and municipalities seeking to reduce energy consumption, enhance sustainability efforts and ultimately save money have often experienced substantial complaints regarding the glare produced by many LED roadway fixtures. 

American Electric Lighting® has addressed this issue with the introduction of our new DualOptix technology in many of our Autobahn Series products. With the DualOptix option, we incorporate over a century of roadway optics expertise into several Autobahn fixtures to combine tremendous performance and efficacy with a much more visually comfortable nighttime appearance. 



Quick facts that you need to know about this product:

  • Energy efficient LED light engine
  • DualOptix refractor technology
  • Uplight shield to protect night skies (ATBX and ATBS only)
  • Multiple color temperatures
  • Variety of dimming and controls options
  • High LPW in Type II and III roadway distributions
  • Durable and utility-friendly design

Most conventional LED roadway lighting fixtures utilize a single refractor component to cover the bare LED source, thereby providing a means of redirecting the light for a variety of optical distribution patterns. This alone provides very little diffusion with light that often reaches the high angles that can create unwanted glare and visual discomfort.

Autobahn DualOptix technology combines prismatic glass optic engineering with an additional secondary acrylic refractor to further diffuse the pixelation of the LED source while redirecting the extremely high angle light downward.

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