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November 8, 2023

Reliable Emergency Lighting Performance, for Almost Any Load Type...

IOTA® IIS Series Mini-Inverters provide emergency power to multiple designated fixtures from a central source. These convenient solutions deliver auxiliary AC power in the event of a utility power loss and enables a wide array of emergency egress lighting designs incorporating LED, fluorescent, and/or incandescent lights. IOTA offers an extensive portfolio of mini-inverter solutions for multiple load size capacities with design features for applications with lighting controls or outdoor egress paths.

Benefits of IOTA IIS Mini-Inverters Include:

  • Full Light Output - Operates designated emergency fixtures at full brightness for optimal path of egress safety.
  • Load Capability - Incorporate LED, incandescent, fluorescent, or a mixture of each as part of the emergency egress system.
  • Remote Operation - Power fixtures at significant distances to reach exterior egress paths where other emergency options are limited.
  • Controls Compatibility - Confidently incorporate on/off and 0-10V dimming controls (select models only) on the emergency lighting circuit.
  • Extended Runtime - Reducing the load size with respect to the inverter's full-load capacity allows runtimes to be extended for 2-hour FEMA applications.
  • NEMA 410 Rated for Inrush Protection - Supply emergency power to LED lights without de-rating the load size to avoid unexpected shutdown and potential component damage due to cumulative inrush current (select models only).
  • High Efficiency Performance for California Title 20 - Select IIS Series Mini-Inverters offer a high-efficiency design to help meet CA T20 energy efficiency requirements.

IOTA IIS Mini-Inverters are ideal solutions for many applications, including:

  • Office Spaces
  • Retail/Restaurant
  • Stairwells
  • Areas with Elevated Fixtures
  • Outdoor Paths of Egress

For more information on IOTA Emergency Inverters or other IOTA Emergency Lighting Solutions, visit www.iotaengineering.com or contact us at mktg@iotaengineering.com

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