Now Available: CSI/AIA Specification References for IOTA® IIS Central Inverters

November 7, 2022 Daren Hatfield

CSI/AIA specifications for IOTA's IIS Central Inverters are now available online. These documents will assist in drafting suitable IIS specifications for your CSI (Construction Specification Institute) or AIA (American Institute of Architects) requirements.

Access the IIS spec guides below:

IIS 1100 Inverter Webpage | Spec Guide
IIS Single Phase Inverters with Standard Transfer time Webpage | Spec Guide
IIS Single Phase Inverters with Fast Transfer time Webpage | Spec Guide
IIS EXT Single Phase Outdoor Inverters Webpage | Spec Guide
IIS3P Three-Phase Inverters Webpage | Spec Guide
IIS3P EXT Three-Phase Outdoor Inverters Webpage | Spec Guide
IISC Compact Single Phase Inverters Webpage | Spec Guide

You can find the spec guides in the 'Guideline Specifications' section on the individual IIS product pages. View the IIS Central Inverter product line here.

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