Verve™ Adds Atrius™ IoT Solutions to Its Location-Based Mobile Marketing Platform

March 19, 2018 Julian Reyes

Verve™, the global leader in location-powered mobile marketing, has joined the Atrius™ IoT Partner ecosystem. Verve will leverage Atrius Platform Services, notably the Atrius Navigator indoor positioning software development kit and administration tools, to extend their in-store and out-of-store engagement solutions and shopper insights for brands and retailers.

Acuity Brands provides a powered sensory network through its Atrius™-Ready LED luminaires featuring embedded Bluetooth® low energy and visible light communication technologies. By combining the Verve Velocity mobile marketing platform with Atrius Platform Services and the Atrius-Ready Sensory Network from Acuity Brands, retailers will be able to:

  • Engage customers with in-store marketing experiences, including relevant information and offers;
  • Segment and target customers via a variety of marketing channels based on insights gained from in-store traffic patterns and out-of-store visit and movement behaviors; and
  • Measure effectiveness of advertising/marketing through observed incremental foot traffic

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Atrius Partner Profile: Verve

Atrius Platform Services Leveraged : Atrius Navigator - Indoor Positioning Services

Applications Served: Retail


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