Clues That Point to Customer Experience Issues

October 3, 2017

While there are many things that play into customer experience, here are three clues into your customers' journeys that can be measured with indoor spatial analytics.

Customers are staying too long

There are some scenarios where it’s desirable for customers to stay awhile. If you’re hosting an event, it’s good to have your visitors stick around and enjoy their stay. But there are other scenarios where extended visits can bring about a negative customer experience. Consider an understaffed store in which customers are having a difficult time locating someone to help them. Or a coffee shop with a pattern of long wait times. In the end, you alone can determine whether or not your visitors’ stay time is negatively impacting business. Having metrics to visualize this behavior at a glance can help you make the best decisions to address any potential issues you notice.

Customers are not staying long enough

When a large percentage of customers are leaving a shop too quickly, that can signal a few major customer experience issues. It could mean they arrived with a very specific purpose but didn’t get the help they needed. Or it could mean that your store is selling out of certain items too quickly. These issues can pop up with any business, but when it is a frequent pattern, it could be a clue that customers are not having the best experience. Try monitoring these patterns in your analytics so you can address any red flags you see.

You’re not generating enough repeat business

It’s a fact you cannot argue: loyal customers are often passionate fans of your business. They tell their friends all about you, often engage you on social media, boost your bottom line, and propel your business forward over time. But what if you’re not seeing many repeat customers? It could be a sign that your customers’ needs are not being met. Perhaps you had a lot of repeat customers for a long time, but now those numbers are dropping off. Using analytics to identify these changes in repeat business can help you come up with strategies to make sure your customers are having the best possible experience in your store.

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