Design Thinking Workshop Leads to Co-Developed Offering for Retailers

September 11, 2018

We all felt there was an opportunity for us to work together” was the catalyst for a Design Thinking workshop jointly hosted by the SAP Leonardo  and Acuity Brands Connected Buildings Software teams.  

The resulting proof of concept (PoC), which combines AtriusTM indoor positioning software services and spatial analytics with operational data from back-end SAP systems, demonstrates seamless value for retailers, providing: 

  • valuable real-time insights about shopper traffic, behavior, and engagement;
  • better intelligence about what products to restock;
  • more targeted promotions, product assortments, and store layouts;
  • more efficient shopper assistance;
  • and more personalized customer experience, such as turn-by-turn directions to products

“Digital transformation is really about taking advantage of the wealth of newly available real-time data — thanks to the ubiquity of sensors, the massive processing capabilities of cloud technologies, and the proliferation of mobile devices — to better understand what’s happening in our business and translate that into changes that improve our customers’ experiences and our employees’ operational efficiencies”

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