On the Road Again with Infrastructure!

June 24, 2021 Tom Pierce

While the Pandemic forced the nation into lockdown, Holophane® and AEL® continued to introduce exciting new solutions to the market.   

As COVID vaccines prevail, lockdowns are being lifted and public confidence is being restored, so Infrastructure customers are returning to a much more “normal” state of business. You’re probably already starting to engage with more in-person sales calls and meetings again, so let’s make sure you remember all the great Infrastructure Outdoor products we have recently released. 

Exciting Launches of the Past Year

GlasWerks Gen3 with Visually Comfortable Waveguide Optic
The ever popular GlasWerks® series has been upgraded and expanded with the Gen 3 evolution. Not only have you received major upgrades to the existing products, but we now have even more models in LED including eight innovative new Visual Comfort offerings from the edge-lit Luminescent Series! That means in total you can now choose from 15 pendants with lumen output up to 19,000 lumens!
Discover the New GlasWerks

Autobahn LEM Upgrade with Silicone Optics
The industry’s number one portfolio for LED cobra heads just got even better. The Autobahn ATBMIC, ATB0 and ATB2 have been upgraded with cutting-edge silicone optics and light engines to drive a 25% improvement in performance. Add to that 20kV/10kA surge protection and the new XVOLT tank driver and you have an unstoppable new force in the roadway and area market!
Get on the Road with Autobahn

Dorchester LED Gaslight Fills a Gap
Holophane now offers the highest performing LED gas light for street and area applications with the beloved Dorchester® LED. With the ability to replace up to 150W HID products, the DCLD boasts two housing designs, two LED engine options and zero-uplight and shielding options. So, Infrastructure customers be aware that there is now a new energy-saving option for this very unique and classic application.
Get to Know Dorchester LED

LEDgend 2 Gets New Engine and Prismatic Glass Optics
LEDgend™ 2 provides an attractive and flexible alternative to traditional 100-400 watt HID cobra head and shoebox fixtures. Re-engineered with the latest LED engine and optics technology, the LEDG2 provides up to 33,000 lumens, up to 155 LPW and even an optional glass refractor for enhanced visual comfort. And, don’t forget DALI and XVOLT drivers, and advanced controls from nLight® AIR and DTL®.
Explore the Next Gen LEDgend

Visually Comfortable DualOptix for Autobahn
Autobahn DualOptix technology combines prismatic glass optic engineering with an additional secondary acrylic refractor to further diffuse the pixilation of the LED source while redirecting the extremely high angle light downward. DualOptix is now a standard option for ATBX and ATBS series, and can also be obtained by special request on the ATBM model for those unique situations where it is required.
Get Comfortable with DualOptix

Additional Launches Heavily Impacted by the Pandemic

All New LED Bollards Portfolio
With six form factors, this exciting new portfolio was designed with the customer’s needs in mind. Energy-saving lumen packages up to 3,000 lumens, multiple optical configurations, 2700K option, field-adjustable output, robust cast aluminum construction, and a host of other user-friendly features all make this offering the best on the market.
Walk this Way

HMLED4 High-Mast Sets a High Bar
With the up to 120,000 lumens and the addition of the new Medium Asymmetric Wide optic, the next gen HMLED4 has secured the leadership position for high-mast lighting. Rotatable optics, field-adjustable lumen output, 20kV/10kA surge protection and advanced controls are just few of the many features that make HMLED4 an unrivaled solution.
Let HMLED4 Take You Higher

Gen3 Acorns & Spheres Owning the Road Again
The Holophane portfolio of post-top decorative roadway products have always been recognized as the best in the industry. The Gen3 evolution further advanced the portfolio while expanding the offering to more models. You now can get up to 20,000 lumens, 160 LPW, nLight controls and much more in four acorn platforms and two spheres. Don’t forget the visual comfort offered by prismatic glass and 2700K to 5000K CCT options!
Get the Latest Scoop

75LED Flood - Tiny but Mighty!
Engineered to address the needs of Utilities, the new AEL 75LED floodlight may be only 20 pounds but it’s no lightweight! Offering performance packages suitable to replace 100-400W HID floodlights, the 75LED provides high value solution with a host of lineman-friendly features in a robust, reliable platform.
Why Choose 75LED?

Pump Up the Volume with Predator & ACP Floods
These two flood families from Holophane and AEL are driving our competition crazy. With up to 82,000 lumens and visually comfortable prismatic glass options, these families can replace anything from 100W to 1,500W HID incumbents! Six distributions, 20kV/10kA SPD, XVOLT and even nLight are just a few more powerful features that set these flood families apart from the competition.
Predator Family | ACP Family

XVOLT Tank Driver for Ultimate Protection
Holophane and AEL offer a growing portfolio of both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that are enabled with XVOLT technology. Customers can now protect their lighting infrastructure from dropped neutrals and poor power quality with XVOLT, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their system is secure.
Explore the Power of XVOLT

There you have it… a LOT of exciting new products that have barely seen the light of day over the past year due to the pandemic. But tomorrow is a new day, and the future is bright. So contact your Holophane sales representative or utility sales agent today to learn more as we all get back “On the Road Again”!!!

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