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June 28, 2023 Tom Pierce

Holophane Web Site Gets Updated Product Navigation 

In an effort to expedite product navigation and simplify the user experience for our customers, we have just completed a new update to the Products menu feature on the Holophane web site. When choosing to shop for our products by browsing the various product categories, you will find that we have made the categorization much more concise and intuitive based on customer feedback and focus groups. Visitors will now simply choose between Outdoor vs Indoor luminaires, to get to the next level of menu. 

You’ll find that we have also updated the secondary menus to be more intuitive, capture all products more efficiently and ensure that those products that are applicable for both outdoor and indoor can be found in either section. The Product menu also now has an option for Controls, which gives you choices to take you to the other sites that house the Acuity Brands controls products and solutions available to Holophane customers. 

Browsing to products by vertical market or Solutions has not changed, nor has the functionality of searching for products directly from the site Search Bar at the top of any page. We have only altered the way products are categorized and displayed through the Products menu.

We hope that you find this enhancement to the Holophane web site helpful, and that you find you can spend more time looking at product information and less time trying to find it!

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