Introducing FieldSET™ Field-Programmable LED Drivers from eldoLED®!

June 6, 2023 Daren Hatfield

A Better Way to Service LED Fixtures in the Field

FieldSET Field Programmable Drivers are a unique set of driver solutions from eldoLED that allow for the replacement of almost any failed driver component in existing LED fixtures. With only a few select models, you can replace obsolete and end-of-life drivers in linear, compact, and industrial luminaires with FieldSET drivers that can be programmed to match the needed performance levels. No need to locate an exact driver component replacement or spend unnecessary time and money replacing an entire fixture.

The Advantages of FieldSET LED Drivers

  • FieldSET Drivers can replace 150+ drivers with only 9 SKUs
  • Solutions for indoor linear and compact fixtures and industrial/outdoor applications
  • Program your driver with desired minimum dimming and output current levels 
  • Easy push-button programming with the handheld FieldSET LED Driver Programming Tool. 

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Our FieldSET page at is your source for a
full selection of products, information, and resources such as:

Introductory FieldSET Solutions Video
FieldSET Driver Sell Sheet
Programmer User Guide
Direct links to FieldSET Product Pages



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