BrightStar Honoree – OTi180W Outdoor D4i Certified LED Drivers

May 2, 2024 Deborah Perkins

We are pleased to announce the OTI 180W Outdoor D4i Certified LED Driver by eldoLED has been selected as a 2024 LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award Honoree!  

This award-winning D4i-certified outdoor driver enables bi-directional communications and power between the driver and an external DALI controller. Intelligent D4i-certified drivers enable luminaire specific data to be extracted, including power consumption, temperature profile, operating hours and diagnostics.  

Our outdoor driver dims down to 10% with DALI-2/D4i control and enable direct integration and operation with DALI2/D4i standalone and networked lighting controls.

Fixture manufacturers can design smart fixtures and streamline the luminaire configuration and manufacturing process by leveraging D4i as a standard interface. One D4i driver can support various light management systems and our D4i drivers meet DiiA specifications Parts 250, 251, 252, 253 and 150.  

The 180W D4i driver is a perfect outdoor solution for street, roadway and smart city lighting applications. Learn more about the innovative features of this product by downloading the OTi180W technical specification.

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