Case Study: Four Seasons Astir Hotel

December 19, 2023 Deborah Perkins

Four Seasons Astir | Athens

The Four Seasons is an international luxury hotel chain. They pride themselves on creating impressions that'll last for a lifetime. Whether you work, live, stay, or discover with the Four Seasons, expect a one-of-a-kind experience that's true to the location and will allow you to connect with the world.  

The historical Astir Palace—now Four Seasons Astir—opened in 1958 on the lush 74 acres of the Athenian Riviera. The Astir Palace was the go-to place for luxurious holidays. This one-of-a-kind hotel housed the most glamourous of guests—including former President Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher, John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Brigitte Bardot and many more

Illuminate Relaxed Luxury

The Four Seasons set its sights on this decadent gem and acquired the Astir Palace in 2016. They were ready to enter a new, modern chapter and needed reliable lighting that could withstand the harshest of environments. The Four Seasons commissioned Lighting Design International (LDI) in 2019 to make their lighting dreams a reality.  

LDI's goal was to design a sophisticated interior and exterior lighting scheme for Astir's two joint, renovated hotels—Four Seasons Arion and Four Seasons Nafsika. They wanted the Four Seasons to have a glamorous yet comfortable feeling where guests could relax and unwind after a day at the beach or touring the city.  

Integrate LEDs for the Desired Ambiance

The "home away from home" feeling involved warmth and deep-dimming capabilities. LDI knew they could achieve the right combination of brightness and color temperature with LEDs. They needed a warm palette and an ideal light temperature that ranged from 2400K – 2200K for the linear and 2700K for the downlights. 

LightGraphix's interior and exterior luminaires paired well with eldoLED SOLOdrive 30W LED drivers. Combined, the pair provided reliable and superior deep-dimming with DALI Lighting Controls (0.1%) and smooth transition.  

LDI's specification of LightGraphix and eldoLED yielded luxurious, high-quality lighting that amplified the user experience with good glare control and flicker-safe performance. 

Leverage Lighting that Differentiates Hotels

Although they're connected, the Four Seasons Arion and the Four Seasons Nafsika have different vibes. Arion provides laid-back relaxation with soft, fresh and sophisticated lighting. The Arion's interior mainly comprises of sandy hues while the lighting integrates the joinery and the architecture.  

On the other hand, Nafsika's lighting exudes a bold, see-and-be seen feeling. Its lighting is modern and dramatic with bold and decorative gestures that highlights its livelier atmosphere.  

LDI channeled both statement and elegant lighting by using the following  eldoLED products  alongside LightGraphix's in-ground up lights and wall lights:  

  • SOLOdrive 20W (240/A)  

  • SOLOdrive 30W (360/A) 

  • LINEARdrive 720W (720/D)    

  • POWERdrive 100W (1060/A)

Interoperate with Efficiency

eldoLED SOLOdrive, LINEARdrive and POWERdrive families worked together with LDI's designated control systems to create the desired human centric lighting levels. Interoperability between our LED drivers and the control systems helped LDI achieve efficient lighting that was set to the right levels, met their vision and provided low energy consumption levels of 6W/m2.  

LDI's winning combination of eldoLED LED drivers and LightGraphix's spotlights successfully achieved the Four Seasons Astir's lighting goals of relaxed luxury—all while maintaining the hotel's historical character and amplifying each hotel's experience through custom and seamless deep-dimming all the way to dark (0.1%). The Four Seasons Astir's innovative lighting also secured them a highly commended mention in the 2020 DALI Lighting Awards Large Indoor Projects category.  

Photography: GavriiLux

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