Faces of eldoLED: Fernando Ulloa

October 27, 2023 Deborah Perkins

Meet Fernando.

Fernando always had a technical mind and a natural curiosity to learn.  Growing up in Ecuador, he drew inspiration from his father and aspired to be an Electrical Engineer.  His go-getter mentality was in full bloom at the age of 11.  He started building electrical circuits and worked his way up to AUTOCAD and other design tools at 14 in his technical high school.  Of course, he wanted to put his learning to the test—and did so by introducing CAD to his family business.

His desire to learn consistently grew.  In college, Fernando gained leadership positions within the Student Representative Committee.  The combination of learning and people skills landed him a teaching position at his university at 23.  He achieved a level of prestige that most senior engineers fulfilled during their careers.  As a result, he wanted to spread his wings and looked for his next challenge in the US.

The University of Florida accepted him into their Master’s program.  Fernando earned his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a dual Master’s degree in Management—fusing the leadership element with the technical.

Fernando has been in the lighting industry for 14 years, managing different lighting technologies ranging from traditional to LED lighting and from components to luminaires and controls.  In his current role at Acuity Brands and eldoLED, Fernando is the Director of Product Market, managing PrevaLED by eldoLED LED modules and Acuity Brand QUICKTRONIC ballasts.  Throughout his career, he has witnessed the industry’s evolution from traditional lighting to current advancements in LEDs and interconnectivity.  Fernando is dedicated to fulfilling eldoLED’s mission of Enhancing Life with Intelligent Lighting.  

His Fun Fact

Most of Fernando’s weekends are packed with fun filled kid activities and chasing after his two children.  The addition of his children has changed his life for the better and he has found new virtues as a parent such as resilience and flexibility.

Fernando has always been curious and eager to learn which is demonstrated proudly in the many certifications he has achieved over the years.  We created a cheat sheet of the acronyms and their definitions so you can fully appreciate his accomplishments. 

Fernando Ulloa, LC, PMP, CSM, CSPO, CAL-T, CAL-O, CAL-E
·         LC: Lighting Certified by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions

·         PMP: Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute

·         CSM: Certified ScrumMaster by the Scrum Alliance

·         CSPO: Certified Scrum Product Owner by the Scrum Alliance

·         CAL-T: Certified Agile Leadership for Teams by the Scrum Alliance

·         CAL-O: Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations by the Scrum Alliance

·         CAL-E: Certified Agile Leadership Essentials by the Scrum Alliance

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