Case Study: Saler Centro Comercial

May 3, 2024 Daren Hatfield

“Durability and versatility for large scale projects, plus the flicker-safe specification, were key factors in choosing eldoLED.” - Anton Amann, Architectural Lighting Solutions

Saler Centro Comercial | Valencia (Spain)

The Saler Shopping Center is located at the front of Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, a large-scale urban recreational center for culture and science. The building also houses the Oceanogràfic, Europe's largest aquarium, a science museum, Palau de les Arts theatre, and the Hemisfèric 3D cinema, with its 900-meter concave screen. The 51,000 m2 shopping center with three levels was remodeled in 2019 and now offers greater comfort and a fully revamped, modern appearance with 155 shops and catering areas. Over the course of 25 years, the Saler Shopping Center has always focused on families as well as a younger audience, with a clear commitment to fashion and trends. It currently covers some two kilometers of the former riverbed of the River Turia and borders on the 17,000 m2 Umbracle open-access garden.

Integrating Light perfectly into organic Architecture

The atmosphere and look of the new shopping mall needed to be aligned with the City of Arts and Sciences, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. PDP Arquitectos created a perfect fit with their design and execution. Architectural Lighting Solutions (ALS) took care of the lighting design and implementation.

The vision focuses on the interplay between the building, the surrounding landscape and urban planning. The predominant idea behind this project was to restore a neglected area of Valencia, while developing a park that stretches through the city. The site also provides a square, giving the city a new public space that integrates into the urban landscape. The project reflects traditional Mediterranean architecture, mixing light blue and white with futuristic, organic forms, and ceramic mosaic tiles known as “trencadis”. The shopping center façade is based on this style.

The main aim of the lighting design was to provide the façade with functional lighting, with ample space for the architecture and landscape. Of course, durability and energy efficiency criteria were taken into account from the beginning and unnecessary consumption was avoided. “The façade’s parametric surface with louvres creates a symmetrical wave to the side”, explains Anton Amman, ALS. “During the day, the façade’s slats and natural light define the geometry. At night, the aim is to emulate this. LED linear luminaires were used to reinforce the effect of overlapping geometries and draw attention to the design, which is defined by an absence of sharp edges. Everything is curved, including the fonts, and the typography of the logo.”

Customization and Quality

“Of course, the shopping mall needed to be closed to the public for the shortest possible period, so timing was critical,” adds Amman. Using eldoLED’s solution helped realize the project within a tight time frame. “The choice of LEDs was made by the project specifier together with architectural lighting specialist Difusiona. Customization of the luminaires as well as overall quality were essential in this decision. Durability and versatility for large scale projects, and the flicker-safe specification, were key factors in choosing eldoLED LINEARdrive 200W drivers for external lighting, as well as lighting of public areas, such as corridors and hallways.” The system also includes LED Linear Venus, LED Linear xooline, and LED Linear oceanos luminaires with DALI lighting controls.

Dramatic Effect

The exterior lighting provides a particularly dramatic effect, not just lighting up the façade but highlighting its unique structure and bringing together all of the architectural elements such as the fountains and green areas in front of the City of Arts and Sciences. eldoLED

eldoLED eldoLED

Photography and video: MONTAÑA STUDIO S.L.

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