XVOLT LED Driver Protection

September 29, 2021

Whether your site is an industrial facility, warehouse, military base, correctional facility or even a network of roadways and tunnels, lighting is one of the most critical elements of your infrastructure. Now imagine without warning your site lighting going dark with no quick way to recover operations. A catastrophic failure that requires total replacement of every light fixture on the circuit.

A wide variety of power quality issues can adversely affect your lighting infrastructure for example, a dropped neutral. On a 277V circuit, if the neutral is dropped for even a second, the result is every fixture getting hit with 480 volts. This can cause catastrophic failure resulting in destruction of the driver with potential for fire or explosion. This damage typically affects every fixture on the lighting circuit, compromising your entire system.

Upgrading to the Holophane XVOLT option can provide the confidence of greater protection from poor power quality and help ensure

longer operational life for your lighting system. Also, whenever XVOLT is selected you will also get the high voltage 347 480V SPD option

which provides additional power surge and over voltage protection. 


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