Yesteryear's Charm, Today's Performance

Bringing modern performance to a traditional aesthetic, Hudson efficiently lights streets and public places with customizable optics. Its familiar timeless look leaves us with a romantic impression while making sure every area is illuminated exactly where intended. The dark sky friendly lanterns offer a cost-effective solution suited for various settings such as parks, pathways, high-end residential urban streets, historical city streets, public areas, commercial properties, university campuses and much more.





  • 180-degree orientable optics allowing customizable distribution types
  • Orion light engine with up to 36 high powered LEDs available in 3000K & 4000K
  • Offered with a clear flat glass (FGC), a clear acrylic globe (GAC) or without a lens (NL)
  • Injection molded cast aluminum housing
  • Heat sink designed and tested for optimal thermal management performance in all-weather
  • Accommodates up to 14 standard roadway distributions
  • Tool free access to the interior of the luminaire from the top for easy maintenance
  • IP66 rated sealed optical chamber for harsh weather conditions
  • Cleanly integrated 7-pin receptacle


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