Cyclone Lighting Launches Tribeca Luminaire

November 30, 2022 Christine Zanella




Cyclone Lighting today announced that it has released its Tribeca luminaire. Its sculpted, compact design brings a chic, downtown aesthetic while delivering high output.

Tribeca features a unique wedge shape that generates a silhouette, giving designers a tool for imparting a decidedly modern feel to a space. The design also deters icicle accumulation. A rectangular push button latch preserves a sleek aesthetic while providing easy access to internal components for maintenance.

With advanced optics and a choice of light distributions, Tribeca is well suited for various lighting applications, including urban streets, municipal roads, entertainment districts, parking lots, and area or site lighting.




Each luminaire incorporates Cyclone’s proprietary Orion optics, a high-performance optically engineered system that provides uniform illumination and delivers light where it is needed. The in-house designed Orion light engine combines state-of-the-art optics, LEDs, and thermal management for advanced lighting performance and exceptional durability.

Cities can choose performance packages ranging from 7,000 up to 34,000 delivered lumens. This is equivalent to the traditional 50 to 400W HID fixtures but with an estimated 60% energy savings. The light engine is tested to 100,000+ hours, significantly reducing maintenance costs over the long term.

Tribeca luminaires are available in a wide variety of distribution types for maximum project flexibility. They offer 180 orientable optics that can be customized to provide better light control. And a fully sealed, waterproof acrylic lens makes it possible to choose luminaires without a glass lens refractor for increased photometric performance. All fixtures are smart-control ready.


Tribeca luminaire feature summary:

  • Refined, contemporary design modernizes any urban outdoor space
  • Injected A380 aluminum housing equipped with adjustment steps is easily leveled by +/- 5°
  • 54 or 108 LED Orion light engine
  • High output per watt in packages ranging from 7,000 to 34,000 delivered lumens
  • Available in a wide variety of distribution types
  • Non-visible integrated heat sink minimizes LED operating temperature, increasing longevity and efficiency
  • Ease of maintenance with tool-free access to the inside of the luminaire via an integrated push-button and quick-disconnect connectors
  • No apparent hardware
  • Smart control ready
  • 3G vibration tested

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