What's the Total Cost of Ownership for Your Industrial Space?

See  how lighting can play an important role in overall building savings for your industrial space during this edition of the Bright Ideas Series by Acuity Brands on Industrial Sage. Understanding the total cost of ownership is important, especially when you are considering an upgrade to your facility's lighting.

Major Factors to Consider in Total Cost of Ownership

When deciding which industrial fixtures to purchase, five key parts of total cost of ownership include:

1. Return on Investment (ROI)

In the case of lighting, ROI refers to how long it will take for a light fixture to earn back its own cost– either in energy savings, productivity improvements, or lack of maintenance.

2. Superior Optics

After ROI, one of the biggest factors you should consider in total cost of ownership is superior optics. Optics play a massive role in the quality and quantity of light that is achieved in your space. Better lighting often leads to greater operational effectiveness from an employee morale and productivity standpoint.

3. Thermal Performance

From a fixture design standpoint, the next factor is thermal performance. First-class thermal performance, especially in today’s LED world, is pivotal to maintain light levels over the long period that the fixture will be lighting your space. The greater the thermal performance for your industrial luminaire, the less time and money will be needed for maintenance. 

4. Design Requirements

Very much congruent with thermal performance, it’s also important when purchasing a lighting fixture to ensure that it’s designed specifically for the harsh industrial environment where it will be employed.

5. Trustworthy Manufacturing

Given the tough environments that industrial light fixtures have to contend with, using a fixture that isn’t robustly-designed or rated for those spaces can pose a monetary risk. Even though they have cheaper price tags, their total cost of ownership may be extremely poor in comparison to fixtures from more trustworthy vendors. When considering total cost of ownership for your industrial lighting fixtures, choosing a reliable manufacturer will always lead to greater peace of mind and security in the purchasing decision.

Holophane, backed by North America’s largest lighting manufacturer, Acuity Brands, has been in this industry for over 120 years and can help you find the right fixtures for your facility. 

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