Substations: Put a Spotlight on Security

July 7, 2021 Landon Turner

Utility substations are a critical part of your infrastructure. You work hard to maintain the security of your facilities and prioritize the safety of your attendant personnel. But what are you not seeing? Reliable, energy-efficient substation lighting solutions can improve illumination and visibility, helping utilities enhance safety and security. We offer a complete portfolio of low-maintenance, energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions to help utilities boost their bottom line, including lineman-friendly solutions engineered for utilities.

Consider how lighting can play a critical role in the operation of your substation- whether it is currently lit or you are simply evaluating updates.

  • Lighting supports your security plan and improves visibility in large area environments
  • Lighting enhances your personnel’s safety throughout your facility grounds
  • Updated lighting can help you save and reduce the number of updates
  • Reduce light trespass in the community while maintaining desired light levels

Ensure coverage across the entire substation campus with a controls solution customizable to your project.

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