Upgrades that Won't Drain Your Resources

Lighting should add value to your water treatment operations

Your lighting must not only address code requirements and use energy efficiently, but should also provide an environment that is properly lit for your personnel to work efficiently and safely. As one of the biggest energy expenses throughout your facility, your efficient operations require well-planned lighting. 
Water treatment facility illuminated by Holophane® High Mast System

Traditional Lighting is a Drain on Your Resources:

  • Wastes energy and requires both routine and unexpected maintenance that includes costly downtime, employee time and parts inventory
  • Struggles to comply with ever-changing energy codes. A constant worry, this can add up in fixes that are costly and time-consuming
  • Creates inconsistently lit areas or dark areas, affecting facility security, personnel safety and productivity
Optimize your water treatment plant with LED luminaires from Holophane® to save energy, minimize maintenance, comply with energy codes, increase facility security and personnel productivity. Check out our solutions to find products by category to illuminate all parts of your water treatment plant.
Maximize your return on investment by pairing with a controls solution tailored to meet the needs of your water treatment facility. See Controls Strategies - Which One(s) is Right for You? 
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