Changing the Smart Building Game

November 16, 2016 Acuity News

HVAC and lighting systems represent the largest share of energy use in facilities. They have to be managed... no escaping it. But does it have to be a burden? Do facilities managers really have to wrestle daily with the cost and complexity of operating multi-vendor systems, with multiple, disparate components and interfaces?

Fortunately for FMs, the answer is not at all. It is possible to unify everything onto one control platform – eliminating the need to install and manage separate HVAC and lighting networks, and to deal with myriad sensors and user interfaces.

Today’s intelligent controllers, like the nLight ECLYPSE™, are fully-networked and unified platform for lighting and HVAC controls that use one visualization tool for monitoring and control.

So that’s smart, but these controllers are even smarter. They’re scalable, with open protocol (BACnet/IP) and multiple connectivity options; they’re secure, with TLS/SSL and RADIUS authentication support and optimized with sensors for lighting and HVAC, for reduced integration and site management costs. And, since the controller’s communication runs through Internet Protocol (IP) and Wi-Fi networking, these controllers are ideal for renovation projects.


We think this is what an intelligent controller should look like.

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