Better Lighting is Just One Way to Make Holiday Clean Up Easier

December 4, 2017 Neil Egan

When the holiday comes to an end, it’s time to tear down, clean up and stow away your growing cache of decorations until next year. Ask for help, and watch the children scatter like fallen leaves.

Maybe the kids won’t help, but you can make holiday breakdown and organizing easier, and set yourself up for a much smoother set up next year! A recent diy Network article[1] offered these simple, practical tips:

  • Designate a dedicated space for holiday decorations in your storage area.
  • Label everything.
  • Keep all reusable items in one basket so they’re easy to find next year.
  • Take a picture of your holiday table setting and save it to your computer
  • Use a sturdy, deep bag with lots of space to hold small Christmas trees, nativities, garlands and more; and don’t overload it.
  • Use egg crates to protect small holiday balls, or cut up paper towel rolls and pack in a holiday cookie tin.

And as you lug those smartly labeled, super-organized bags and boxes of ornaments and decorations into the basement, attic, closet or crawlspace, look up. You’ll find  another bit of holiday wisdom:  why not swap out those old, energy-wasting incandescent bulbs with new LED lighting that provides both energy-efficiency and more uniform illumination.

Before you store, buy yourself a post-holiday present … and install an LED flush mount lighting solution from our Lithonia Lighting® brand.

You could select our simple LED Closet Light. Available in three sizes, it provides up to 1225 lumens at a maximum of 17.3 watts. Or, try our most advanced and flexible LED flush mount to date — the LED Versi Lite™. This contemporary round- or square-shaped fixture is available in three color temperatures and in a variety of sizes and finishes. Plus, its sophisticated microDRIVE™ Technology eliminates the need for an LED driver.

Beyond the normal efficiency that comes with LED, choose a light with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for easy on/off operation. The PIR sensor activates when motion is detected; and after 30 seconds of no motion, automatically turns off.

Whichever LED you choose, those rarely-traversed spaces will be luminous and efficient as any room in the house.

For more information, visit our Lithonia Lighting website.

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