Protecting Connected IoT Systems

February 12, 2019 Monica Weglicki

Successful endeavors are rarely the result of one person’s effort, instead they are often achieved through the combined efforts of a highly effective team.

As digitization enables the connection of more and more IoT systems, hackers have turned their attention into these spaces. And data breaches follow as these criminals succeed in their war to compromise the integrity of interconnected systems. Governments and industry have responded by creating a variety of security frameworks compliance with which is designed to thwart those attacks.

Acuity Brands is preparing for the unknown by tapping the expertise of an army of industry experts and professionals whose aim is to ensure the security of connected, IoT systems. One critical component of our prevention program is the Product Security Response Process.

In a previous blog, Dr. Mark-David McLaughlin examined how the Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) fits into a framework that aims to Prevent, Prepare, Detect, Respond and Learn (PPDRL) from security events. In his supporting blog, he presents a high-level overview of Acuity Brands’ own Product Security Response Process (PSRP)Read more about it.


Acuity Brands' Take on Security 

Accurate information is power. It can help win wars on the battle field or business as applied from The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Taking best practices from other PSIRT organizations and combining the PPDRL frameworks, the ‘Art of War’ for security professionals, Acuity Brands has incorporated specific steps into our effort to reinforce our security posture. This, coupled with our own extensive industry experience, creates what we believe is a unique and highly effective IoT security model, which we call the Product Security Response Process (PSRP). 

Acuity Brands’ Product Security Response Process (PSRP) is uniquely positioned to secure our products and services. We present this model to other organizations that may wish to adopt the methodology in their own security efforts and join in our effort. It is vital that industry vendors focus on maturing their incident response practices. This makes the entire IoT ecosphere stronger, a Sun Tzu effort to protect our end-to-end systems.

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