Register for Informa Tech Webinar on Smart Buildings on October 27

October 14, 2020

Register for Informa Tech Webinar on Smart Buildings, October 27: Constructing wireless infrastructure for the future topic features Acuity’s Trevor Palmer as a key speaker

Developing smart buildings and the role of lighting controls is increasing in importance and relevance among businesses and building owners. The smart building wireless infrastructure of today offers a variety of solutions that can help manage lighting and utilities, provide building and visitor analytics for deeper decision making and give occupants in spaces control over their living/working environment.

This webinar will feature industry experts Trevor Palmer, SVP of Digital Lighting Networks at Acuity Brands Lighting alongside co-hosts David Green, Senior Research Manager, Smart Buildings & Energy Infrastructure at Omdia and Ross Sabolcik, VP and General Manager, Industrial and Commercial IoT Products at Silicon Labs. The webinar will be moderated by Allen Tatara, Senior Manager, Webinar Events at Omdia.

The content is geared toward large enterprises and vendors/suppliers supporting building infrastructure/management. Featured topics will include:

Understanding the key challenges facing building owners and facility managers, as well as their top priorities, regarding smart building technology
Real-world applications in wireless connectivity and energy-efficient lighting
Plot the course from immediate benefit to long-term potential for smart building applications
Hear from industry experts, bringing together real-world case studies, market research, and end-user surveys to explore the smart buildings industry

Register now to join this free webinar on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 11 am Eastern.



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