Elevating Luminaire Design with Modulus

December 9, 2019

A new standard for powering, controlling and connecting luminaires is here, and it is called Modulus™, a low voltage distributed power and controls system.

Modulus is the most recent technology innovation from Acuity Brands that enables design flexibility and greater connectivity options for installing digitally connected lighting in the spaces where we live, work and play. The Modulus system was designed with features from the best of Acuity Brands’ control and driver systems.

It includes:

- eldoLED® drivers for flicker-free dimming and tunable white

- nLight® networked lighting controls and embedded sensors

- IOTA® power pack for emergency back-up power

Modulus provides Acuity Brands with a propriety and niche technology that is in response to the market need of customers, architects and interior designers who have often asked for smaller, unobtrusive luminaires for use in modern spaces because of the implied simplified and minimalist style. However, before Modulus it was nearly impossible to combine digital control and networked technology capabilities into smaller sized luminaires.

With Modulus, our customers can expect to see a greater variety of luminaires with the addition of the latest technologies to support a businesses’ lighting goals and objectives. The future vision for luminaires equipped with Modulus technology is that they can be specified with nLight networked control devices, which can create smart, connected buildings and facilities. The resulting system can be integrated or unified with additional innovative technologies from Acuity Brands, such as Atrius® IoT systems, to provide indoor location services used for wayfinding, asset tracking and other building and business applications as the business is ready to deploy those solutions.

Another advantage is that the Modulus system uses a single unit for powering a luminaire run of up to 32 feet versus requiring a unit every eight feet, which reduces the installation costs on the project and the total cost of ownership.

Ready to see how your project can benefit from Modulus? Modulus will initially be available within the Peerless® Renna™ luminaire family and is available now.  

Visit the Modulus website for more information.

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