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September 13, 2016
Mark Architectural Lighting introduces Rubik, a revolutionary commercial lighting design solution for the grid. For more information about Rubik, please see: Rubik luminaires combine the familiar with the unexpected. Rethink the grid with enhanced design capabilities and lighting enriched with dynamic features. The Rubik commercial lighting system is a customizable lighting grid system for that allows you to build out commercial recessed light fixtures in static white, tunable white, color accents, and grayscale in any pattern you’d like. You can match a brand, create an atmosphere, or just get creative! Grayscale capability also allows you to mimic natural light. Commercial lighting controls enable you to set movement into the light levels, the speed of change, and contrast settings to add visual interest in your office lighting. For more information about the Rubik commercial lighting product, please visit: Rubik is created by Mark Architectural Lighting. For more on the brand, please see:
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