The Fully Switchable CPANL is Here!

July 29, 2021 Kendall Pavey

Introducing the second-generation CPANL, now available with fully switchable technology while keeping the same aesthetic look and feel as the original. CPANL is the ideal solution when your project has mounting requirements, like direct ceiling or suspension mounting, that call for an ultra-thin driver box that other panels just don't have. And now, this already versatile fixture gives you even more options by adding switchable color temperature to the adjustable lumen capabilities already included in the first generation CPANL. Available in 1'x4', 2'x2' and 2'x4' - all versions are a part of the Contractor Select program. 

You've got 9 different fixtures in 1! 

Three switchable color choices (3500K, 4000K, 5000K) allow you to make your space warm, medium or cool temperatures, and the three adjustable lumen options allow you to install at different mounting heights while still casting out the right amount of light to occupants. Order and stock 3 fixtures instead of 27 while giving the installer more power to make game-time decisions without needing to go back to find the right fixture with the right package. 

The Best in Flexibility 

CPANL is an edge-lit panel with an integrated driver, allowing it to have an extremely thin design. This low-profile look makes it perfect for jobs where direct mounting, suspension from wire cables, or even standard t-grid installation are requested. CPANL is suitable for new construction or even renovations for multiple applications such as healthcare, education, commercial offices, or retail spaces. 


Direct Surface Mount Capabilities

You might be asking yourself,  "How is that possible?" Well, this magic is brought to you by the DCMK accessory bracket. It's easy to assemble and install, while bringing all of your direct-mounting-to-a-hard-surface dreams come true. **Sold Separately** 



CPANL Product Page

CPANL Contractor Select Product Page

CPANL Spec Sheet 

DCMK Product Page 

DCMK Spec Sheet


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